Charging Policy - 2017 to 2020

As a Registered Charity Incorporated Organisation, Noddfa Community Centre (NCC) is open to all residents of the village of Glyncorrwg and surrounding areas, such as Cymmer, Blaengwinfi, Abergwynfi and Abercregan. 

Its aim is to promote the wellbeing of its users and endeavours to achieve this through social activities, training opportunities and services such as Meals on Wheels.

To maintain and develop the Centre, there is a need to charge users and those providing training and services, for the use of the rooms within the centre, those being:

  • The main hall
  • The lounge

The charges applied will be relevant to the size of the room that is being hired and these charges will be set each year in line with any inflation and cost of living guidelines. 

Bearing in mind that the village and its surrounding areas are most prominently populated by poorer communities, it is our policy that the fees will be within reason and achievable for the users thereof.

Charges will be applied to the person/organisation setting up the event/activity and it will be their responsibility to pay the fee incurred accordingly.  NCC will not be involved in the collection of said fees from participating individuals, the responsibility of this will be with the incumbent organisation managing the activity/event.  Minimum hire will be 3 hours.

Where activities/events are popular for a small number of users but insufficient numbers of people attend to achieve the charge fee set; dependant on the nature of the activity/event, the Committee may decide that donations could be made instead of the charge fee.  Such an agreement can be put in place for a period to be agreed between the committee and the organiser of the event/activity or until the number attending are at a level that the set fee can be achieved.

However, the Committee may use their discretion to set any specific charges as appropriate to any residents, charitable clauses cause or organisation or similar seeking to hire the hall or lounge.

The Committee reserves the right to review the charges it sets for any given booking, taking into consideration the set up and clear up requirements, use of kitchen, and impact on the building and its grounds, such as decorations and specialist equipment set up, and neighbouring properties.  However, it will endeavour to ensure prices are clear and meet most booking requirements.
Current fees are:

The Hall:

  • £20 up to 3 hours
  • £30 per half day
  • £60 per full day

The Lounge:

  • £15 up to 3 hours
  • £20 per half day
  • £40 per full day

Birthday Parties :      -     £30 for 3 hours (Saturday) + £10 per hour thereafter

Wedding Receptions -     £30 for 3 hours (Saturday) + £10 per hour thereafter

Funeral wakes            -     £30 for 3 hours (Saturday) + £10 per hour thereafter

Organisational bookings for meetings (dependant on specific requirements) charge to include (as appropriate):

  • Hall Hire:                     - For up to 3 hours - £20      
  • Refreshments:            - £2.00 per head – to include biscuits and cakes if required
  • Staff/Volunteers:       - £8 per hour per person assisting

Hire of Projector:       - £25 for session

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