Noddfa Centre Closure

Hello everyone,
As you know, we have tried opening the Centre gradually and for the smaller groups, to enable appropriate distancing and other Covid 19 restriction requirements to be met.
Although Wales has been through a further period of full lockdown, we are now advised that more of our friends and family in Glyncorrwg are now suffering from the virus, and it is with regret that we have come to the decision to close the Centre down completely, again (and for the immediate future), to protect all of our members as far as possible.
When we are in a position to change this and reopen the Centre we will let you know.
In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!
Wishing you all the best,
Noddfa Committee.

Covid 19 - 2nd Wave, 2nd Lockdown

Hello Everyone,
You may have seen that Noddfa has been opening slowly with small groups, and that we were looking to reinstate our Coffee Mornings in a socially distanced way.
Unfortunately, with the decision by the Welsh Assembly to put Wales into national lockdown again means that we are having to put those plans on hold and close the Centre fully again and this means that all current activities will cease from 6pm Friday 23rd October  and the Coffee Morning will not now be reinstated, for at least the two weeks of lockdown and until 9th November 2020..
We do hope that you can bear with us through this second period of full lockdown and that you will stay safe and well and we will keep you informed once we can open the Centre again.
Take good care,
Noddfa Community Centre Committee.


Hi everyone!
Just confirming we are opening next week for small groups.
We're still limited unfortunately by the 2 metre rule, but can confirm that the following will re-open:
Methodist & Nebo
Chapel Service 3pm Sunday 23rd Aug 2020
Welsh Conversation 6pm Monday 24th August 2020
Art Group 10.30am Tuesday 25th August 2020
Bingo 7pm Tuesday 25th August 2020   (please bring your own rest boards)
Yoga 10.30am Monday 7th September 2020
Coffee Morning and New Age Group cannot open until the 2 metre rule is reduced to at least 1 metre and when we can re-open the kitchen.
As we begin to slowly open we are really looking forward to getting together again with you, our friends and neighbours, after such a long time apart. In the meantime, stay safe and take care.

Noddfa Community Centre Re-Opening News


After such a long time away, thanks to Coronavirus, we are now eagerly preparing to re-open Noddfa Community Centre.  

There are still many restrictions to consider, as you know, not least the 2 metre rule, hand santisation and temperature monitoring.  The majority of our patrons are also over 70 years of age and many are restricted further by having to sheild themselves completely.  

The good news is that the 'Sheilding' restriction is expected to be lifted on Tuesday 18th August 2020, and if that does happen we will open our doors again, with a structured and small scale approach as follows:.  

Sunday 23rd August                Chapel  (subject to the Methodist                                                                Church's approval)
Monday 24th August                Welsh Conversation

Tuesday 25th August               10.30am  Art Club

Tuesday 25th August                7pm  Bingo

Once the 2 metre rule is lifted (or reduced) we will be able to open to larger groups, such as New Age and Coffee Morning and we will announce those as soon as we possibly can.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We know many have mentioned how much they've missed Noddfa, and Committee Members have, themselves, missed being involved but have been restricted on what they can do.  We are hoping to make up for lost time and will let you know our plans once we have some lea-way.


Volunteering Opportunity

We hope you are all keeping safe and well.


Please see the following notice regarding a volunteering opportunity that aims to help and support people through difficult times and at this time of dealing with the Coronavirus. Details on how to apply are on the notice and we wish you every success if you put yourself forward

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