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Building Repairs and Improvements

Much work has been undertaken to bring Noddfa Community Centre upto a high standard of repair.  You may have  noticed in the last year we've installed a new roof and wall insulation, making the Centre look much more attractive as well as helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.  

We are pleased to tell you too about the recent upgrading of all of our windows, which have brought much more light into the Centre and will be more easy to open when it gets hot!

We have had to rely heavily on grant funding to be able to do all of the building work, and it is with great thanks to the Rural Development Fund and Community Facilities Grant funding who, along with Pen-y-Cymmoedd and Lottery Funding in the past, have helped us keep the Centre open and get it into a great condition for your enjoyment.

And with much appreciation, we receive further support from the People's Health Trust without whom it would be significantly more challenging to be able to run the Centre!



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